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How Cloud Computing is Powering India’s Digital Landscape

India is emerging as the next big player in adopting cloud computing technologies for its business environment. With an expected CAGR of above 18.37%, the Indian cloud market is set to reach a value of around USD 17.80 billion by the year 2029.

This guide gives a brief idea about the cloud computing model, its types, benefits and, most importantly, how it is revolutionising India’s digital landscape.

The Role of Digital Public Infrastructure in Formalising the Economy

On February 1, 2024, Finance Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman stated that digital public infrastructure (DPI) has played a key role in the formalisation of the economy.

As part of her Interim Budget speech, the FM emphasised the significance of Digital Public Infrastructure as a new 'factor of production' in the 21st century in the economy's formalisation.

NPS Partial Withdrawal Rules: Everything You Need to Know

The National Pension System (NPS) provides subscribers with the option to withdraw a portion of their retirement funds early, under certain conditions.

As per the most recent regulations from the National Pension System, starting on February 1, 2024, members will have the option to withdraw up to 25% of the funds they have personally put into their accounts once three years have passed since the account was established. The partial withdrawal should exclude the employer's contribution if any, and returns generated on the contributions.

This Republic Day Join ONDC and Take Your Business to Greater Heights

The Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) is a path-breaking initiative in the domain of eCommerce in India. It was launched to revolutionise the digital commerce industry in India. ONDC aims to provide a standardised and interoperable framework and offer a more inclusive and efficient service in the digital marketplace. Read on to learn how you can expand your business by registering as a seller on the ONDC e-commerce platform.

Account Aggregator for Small Businesses: Streamlining Financial Management

MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises) contribute nearly 30% of India's GDP and generate millions of employment opportunities both in urban and rural India.  However, the financial statistics show that merely 39% of businesses get benefits from the much-needed business credit. The problems regarding lack of access to credit may be due to pressure of collateral, low-ticket size, unprofessional way of maintaining financial data and more. 

Decoding India’s Digital Public Infrastructure

Designing a reliable Digital Public Infrastructure is crucial for the government to meet their development goals and help the citizens to work and connect better. As societies increasingly rely on digital systems and services, DPIs play a pivotal role in shaping the way citizens work, connect, and interact with the government. Like real roads and bridges help to move things and people, DPIs make the digital paths that support how a country's digital world works.

Start Saving for Your Retirement with NPS This National Youth Day

On January 12th, National Youth Day, let us reflect on the responsibilities and opportunities as young Indians. Amidst career pursuits and dreams, retirement planning is something we tend to completely overlook. Though distant, a plan to secure your future should start early. 

This Youth Day, consider the National Pension System or NPS retirement plan as a valuable tool to start saving for a comfortable retirement. Start now for a secure tomorrow!