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Banks and other financial institutions have implemented digitisation over time, strengthening client relationships. Digital paperwork processes are quite convenient and minimise the pressure of physically visiting the financial institution. That is why Protean launched eSignPro, with which you can sign, mark, and share crucial papers from anywhere at any time. 

Organisations as well as customers often praise eSignPro because it eliminates time-consuming paper processes and lowers operational expenses. Scroll through this blog if you want to know more about the key features of eSignPro. 

What are the Most Valuable Features of eSignPro? 

In addition to addressing all of your eSign needs, eSignPro provides a computerised and electronic stamping system with smart automation, which includes end-to-end documentation and process management. Here are the most useful features of eSignPro:

Supports e-stamping and Digital Stamping

eSignPro has the functionality to apply e-stamping authorities which makes users apply a legally acceptable e-stamp directly through the software. This eliminates the need for manual application and guarantees that the institution meets statutory requirements.

Moreover, eSignPro offers digital stamping capabilities which apply a secure digital signature to the document thus increasing the security and credibility of the document.

Enhanced Document Security with Audit Trails

At eSignPro, every signed document comes with a comprehensive audit trail, detailing when and by whom it was signed, any changes made, and showcasing the final signed document. This meticulous recording boosts transparency, ensures legal compliance, and enhances operational efficiency.

Our audit trails are court-admissible, solidifying the legality of electronic signatures. They furnish exact timestamps, signer details, amendments before signing, and secure storage of the signed document. These features not only streamline document management but also assist in resolving disputes and verifying document authenticity, aligning with best industry practices.

Offers an All-in-one Dashboard

eSignPro offers a comprehensive all-in-one dashboard that enables users to monitor their document execution journey in real-time. One can upload files for signing, monitor the progress, review completed signatures, and use the audit trail. This approach helps to manage all the documents effectively and makes the use of e-signature more efficient.

Advanced Security and Custom Validation Features

In addition to secure storage, eSignPro has other functions that guarantee the effectiveness and validity of the electronic signatures. This involves confirming the identity of the signer using OTP-based authentication and biometric verification to enhance the security of signing. These features raise confidence in the legal acceptance of the e-signature where the possibilities of fraud and unauthorised access are limited.

Allows Role Based Access Control

In eSignPro, administrators have fine-grained control over who has access to what within the platform. This helps organisations to set various degrees of authorisations and privileges depending on the responsibility of the user.

RBAC allows users to control access to certain types of documents and perform specific actions while maintaining high levels of security.

Comes with Customisable Templates

For instance, there are default templates for contracts, agreements and even NDAs at eSignPro. These templates can be easily varied to incorporate the required fields, positioning of the signature, and company logo as well. This helps to avoid time and effort to produce new documents and also ensures that there are standard formats and or signing regulations in a certain organisation.

Enables Multi-channel Integration

With the help of API integration, eSignPro can easily connect to other applications such as CRM, Document Management Systems, and ERP systems. Such integration of multiple channels also enables customers to sign documents online and complete the e-signature process without leaving their primary applications. 

Can be Used on the Website or as an API Integration

As highlighted in the features section, eSignPro can be deployed in multiple ways. It can also be embedded directly within an organisation’s website which aids the ease of use of e-signatures for customers and clients. Moreover, eSignPro also has an API that developers can use to include e-signature functionality within applications that are developed, which can help improve the complexity and integration of the solution.

8 Noteworthy Advantages of Using eSignPro 

eSignPro by Protean is a reliable and efficient e-signature tool that has numerous benefits for every user. Here are some noteworthy advantages: 

1. Time-Saving

It can greatly decrease the time needed for document processing when compared to printing and mailing the documents. This makes signing an easy process since documents can be sent and signed online. Other features like pre-defined templates and bulk signing are additional advantages as they help to save time and money.

2. Cost-Effective

The benefits of using eSignPro include the reduced cost of printing, postage, and storage of documents. This results in considerable savings for companies, particularly those that use large amounts of paperwork. 

3. Legally Recognised

eSignPro guarantees that e-signatures are legal and follow the Indian and international legislation, Information Technology Act (2000). It ensures legal certainty and minimises the potential for conflict. There are also features such as applying for e-stamps that are legally accepted by e-stamping authorities within the application.

4. Optimally Efficient (can be remotely accessed)

With eSignPro, users can sign documents using any device with internet connectivity regardless of the geographical location. This feature of remote access is especially beneficial when working with dispersed teams and in cases when one is on the move.

Furthermore, there is a mobile app for signing in smartphones and tablets that makes the working process even more flexible.

5. Privacy Concerns Addressed

eSignPro prioritises user privacy and data security. The platform employs robust encryption algorithms to protect sensitive information throughout the signing process.

Features like two-factor authentication and audit trails provide an additional layer of security and accountability, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of signed documents.

6. Eco-friendly

eSignPro helps avoid the use of paper, printing and physical movement of documents hence has a positive impact on the environment. This goes in accordance with increasing environmental consciousness and allows organisations to cut their ecological impact.

7. Aadhaar-based Verification

For the convenience of the signers, eSignPro has options like Aadhaar-based verification which increases the authenticity and reliability. This is especially helpful in cases where an organisation needs to have stringent identification and verification measures in place.

8. Managed by Licenced CAs

Regulatory standards are most likely to be followed by eSignPro, as it is managed and operated by licensed CAs. This gives users assurance and enhances their credibility in the e-signature process.


You can see from the numerous features of eSignPro that it is an effective e-signature system with various benefits for its users, making it suitable for business and personal use. Tools such as Quick Signature Validation and Facial Recognition in eSignPro improve the level of security and guarantee the utilisation of e-signatures. With eSignPro, organisations are able to increase efficiency and decrease costs within their operations while being in compliance with legal and environmental requirements.

- Story by Bruhadeeswaran R.

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What are the Features of the eSignPro?
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